Penelope’s Poems

September 23, 2010

Fish Food

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Fish Food

I fed my fish a spider

I thought it might be fun

It sped across the water

And made me turn and run

It made me feel so frightened

I ran and screamed some more

So now I am enlightened

I will do this no more

The moral of this ditty

Is try to remain good

Always show humanity

When feeding fish their food


September 21, 2010

The Woods

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The Woods

Sylvan creatures whispering by

Yet out of sight from human eye

Enrich this dusk filled leafy glade

And make me feel at peace

Stalwart trunks and time roughened boughs

With rustling leaves seem to arouse

Within this hallowed dappled shade

A sense of biding peace

The path is leading me away

And even though I wish to stay

This memory will never fade

I’ve found some inner peace

September 16, 2010

My Round Cat

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Lethargic, sinuous, that’s my cat

You see him everywhere

He likes to chat about this and that

Whilst sitting on my chair

Some say his colour is nearly brown

Others think he is grey

He never thinks to pop into town

But rather sleeps all day

At the smell of some fish in his dish

He’ll raise one sleepy eye

And his tail will give a lazy swish

He’s never very spry

He has seldom been a one for toys

He shows disdain at those

He rarely hangs out with other boys

Preferring just to pose

He is a very heavy feline

Some might say he’s too fat

Upon this subject I must incline

But I love my round cat

September 14, 2010

I Wish To Write

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I wish to write on sheets of white

Crisp vellum all the day

With pen and ink dark as the night

But find I’ve nought to say

I tire of all the platitudes

The written smiles and sighs

The oh so righteous attitudes

And sparkly waved goodbyes

The fatuous and vacant lines

Of prose and poetry

Stifle the narrowing confines

Of my telemetry

The blankness of my ageing mind

Suits these empty pages

Yet maybe one day I shall find

A read that engages

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